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What to bring to the beach Current

The beach is a favorite destination to unwind or holiday with family and friends. Indonesia, which has many beautiful beaches to exotic certainly offers a panorama worthy for you to visit and explore its beauty.

One of the exotic beaches >> Kuta Beach Bali

But when exploring the coast, there are some preparations and supplies that must not be forgotten. Although seemingly trivial, if not prepared carefully will certainly reduce penjelajahanmu fun on the beach. Do not get when it arrives at the shore, you just remembered some stuff that should you should take it. Unfortunately did not get carried away because it was too euphoric to imagine the beauty of the beach are about to visit
The following list of instruments that should be taken when Turkish:

    Beach hat.

Generally, the beach will be very hot and very hot, with a cap of this beach you will be able to reduce the heat of direct sunlight hit to the face. So you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere and beauty of the beach you visit.


We recommend using sunglasses can reduce ultraviolet light that enters the eye. By bringing sunglasses that fit, then you will avoid the dryness of the eyes from the sun.

Glasses also have another function to protect the eyes from dust / sand fly due to the sea breeze.

    Sunblock / sunscreen.

Usually some people are afraid vacation to the beach because afterwards the skin will look burnt / blackened. Not only women, priapun also experience skin will appear reddened even over time will flake off because of exposure to sunlight, ongoing coupled their salt water from the sea that makes the skin becomes more dry.

Sunscreen will be effective enough to reduce the impact of the above, because the particular formulation. Some sunscreens have an SPF varied, the higher it will be the better deterrent power against sun exposure. Although it would not hold 100% exposure to the sun, but sunscreen at least help. So it would not hurt you consider to take him.


Another mandatory thing that should be taken, because you’ll often associated with water. With swimsuit will maximize the flexibility of your zeal for the beach. Swimsuits are also very elastic and not easily torn.

It would be great if you have a wet suit, because a lot of beaches that can be used for swimming or bersnorkling to see biodiversity at the bottom. With wetsuits will reduce the cold seawater during bersnorkling

    Snorkeling Equipment

His name is also down to the beach, then this one tool also must be taken if you love to explore, especially if supported by the beach has a beautiful coral reef. Definitely will be more fun if bersnorkling on the beach and discover new sights that anti mainstream as usual you see everyday.


Towels are also items that should be taken when the beach, serves to dry your body after a swim or bersnorkling. Towels can also serve as the foundation for sunbathing on the beach.

    change of clothes

Of course, this equipment must be brought current to the beach, in addition to the normally wet well will definitely not possible donk us to the beach not wearing beach clothes, even the official or formal wear. Therefore you will get dressed while on the beach and when completed from the beach.

    Camera + tongsis.

It seemed not unreasonable that the gini deh not bring this stuff. In addition to perpetuate the natural scenery of the beach, certainly also for narcissistic along gang. Do not let an interesting moment not perpetuated for keepsake.

    Gadget + Headset

With the development of technology, some people want activities also considered by others, as well as also when we are down to the beach. Gadget of course be mandatory items that must be present to shore. Some people use it to directly update the status of the most recent photos or videos to dipamerin shore exploration and wait for a response from his followers. Hayo admit deh!

But there are also those who simply want to calm down, listening to music, while enjoying the breeze that blows on the beach under the shade trees and lazing. The beauty of the world feels ….


More tasty indeed bring their own snacks, because we can choose which became our tastes. Even though some beaches now lots of stalls selling a wide variety of snacks, but not necessarily in accordance with our interests. Therefore snacks into the list of goods that should be taken anyway. Snacks also for emergency needs when hungry.


Drinks becomes vital that must be brought current to the beach, because the drinks can keep the body dehydration due to the heat of the beach. In addition we are obliged to bring their own drinks because the beach is not necessarily that we visit someone who sells.

   Plastic bags

Actually trivial but plastic bags are many benefits, so included in the items that must be taken to the beach. Serves for many things, for example: to place dirty clothes, to store gadgets, purses, etc. in order not to wet with water, for emergency pads etc.

  Dry bag

Dry bag / waterproof bag function as a place to store the items we were not allowed to come into contact with water, eg a camera, HP, Wallets, dry clothes etc. By cleaning bag then we need not worry too much stuff will get wet when exposed to water.

Magazines / Books

Some people make it become the current favorite thing to the beach. Because they just want to enjoy the beach from a distance / from the edge and do not want to get into the water, they just want to sit / lie down while reading. Spend time looking at the readings taken sometimes more fun than messing around with water.

That’s some list of things that should be taken if you really want to go to the beach, with this review may show you during a trip to the beach is more meaningful and brings fun …….

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