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Tips Vacation carrying a baby

Having a baby or toddler age children does not mean you can not go on vacation. Vacation is very important to be done to avoid saturation. However, with the presence of the child, to be sure your holiday is not going to be the same again as before the baby is born. For example, if first you do not hesitate to backpacking while on vacation, with the presence of the child of course you have to think about the idea of backpacking it a thousand times. Well, there are some important things you should consider when going on holiday with your child so your vacation is not chaotic.
Here are 10 tips from our vacation with a toddler:
1. Wise in choosing a holiday destination

Not be too ambitious. Forget traveling around Europe until several years into the future. Babies and toddlers will find it difficult to sleep well and feel comfortable if you continue to move from one place to another. So should, choose one destination only. Also avoid holiday location with changes in temperature and extreme weather. It is important to maintain the health of your baby or toddler. Avoid holiday “themed adventure” such as mountain climbing or exploring the forest.
2. Select the mileage is not too far away

Remember that young children easily feel bored when you’re on the vehicle for too long. Do you get on a plane, train, or car, avoid a trip that takes up more than three or four hours. Do not forget to set up diapers and a change of clothes, food, snacks and toys your child so he does not fuss over in the vehicle. If you drive your own car, do not forget to bring a car seat. You can be more relaxed when you choose to go by train, but keep in mind: choose a direct rail route to the destination or transit to avoid changing trains. While if you use the shuttle, you can read tips on a plane with your baby here.
3. Select the appropriate vacation time

If your child is not in school (pre-school yet I categorize as a school, yes !, why wait summer school holidays for a vacation? Choose a vacation out long weekend or during the school holidays to avoid too crowded vacation spot. Toddler possibility likely will not feel comfortable when at a full-packed. you also should avoid crowded place to minimize the risk of infant / toddler contracted the disease.
tips on holiday with toddler
4. Avoid overcrowding itinerary

While on vacation, it was a loss if you do not the streets from sunrise to midnight. If you are single, it is legitimate to do. However, with the presence of the child, we recommend you plan your trip more relaxing. Do not let your toddler exhausted because “should” follow your traveling desires. Your toddler can feel bored in the stroller or sling tied up for hours.
5. Make the atmosphere in the hotel room at home

Choose a hotel or a place to stay that is safe and comfortable for your toddler. Make sure the hotel you choose is baby friendly hotel. Baby friendly hotels tend to have a more comfortable atmosphere and not noisy, even there is also complete with day care facilities. Make sure that you select the hotel also received a baby because there are several hotels that do not accept guests in the form of a child under the age of 12 years. Arriving at the hotel, it would be nice if you immediately clean. If you choose a hotel room that does not provide a kitchen, you can create the “kitchen of emergency” for storing various supplies such as milk bottles, where to eat, flask, formula and more. You can also compile a “child’s play area” so that your toddler can play quietly and feel right at home.
6. Sleep time!

Allow time for your toddler to nap. Pay attention to your toddler nap schedule. You can arrange for your child to nap when you are on the way to travel. Or it could be he skipped his nap in the stroller or sling (carrier). Often there are concerns toddler trouble sleeping in a new place. So, do not forget to bring a blanket and pillow she used at home.
7. Stay give milk

Keep it gave little breast milk to keep her immune system.
8. Choose the right foods

Customize your baby food while on vacation with commonly eaten foods your child at home. Avoid new menu to avoid shock in the stomach. Do not forget to maintain the cleanliness of food and his dishes. If your baby is drinking formula, carry extra inventory.
9. Take care of the child

In addition to maintaining the cleanliness and breastfeeding, there are some other things you should do to stay healthy child. Use sunscreen, a hat, and anti-mosquito from natural ingredients when on vacation to a hot area. Conversely, do not forget to bring warm clothes and a hat when traveling to areas where the weather is cold enough. Avoid the child is exposed to direct sunlight or rain. As a precaution, do not forget to store the phone numbers pediatrician.
packing10 baby. Supplies should be taken

In addition to a stroller and carrier, other equipment that must be taken is to put a baby bib, medical kit (thermometer, thrombophob gel, repellents, and medicine). Bring clothing that is practical and comfortable for the child. Do not forget to bring a favorite toy.

Most important thing to keep in mind while vacationing with your baby or toddler is: relax, do not stress, and also do not push yourself. In the presence of your child, you can no longer have fun enjoying the night life at one club in Bali. You probably can no longer backpacker’s and vice versa should bring a large suitcase whose contents full of diapers and formula. Well, just enjoy it! Enjoy every moment of your vacation with family and beloved baby. Have an unforgettable moment with your family.

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